Sunday, April 26, 2009

Farewell My Frens

me and thari

me and thivy



our senior 'DAD'

the chef of the day

waiting for food



the DJ Shan

Monday, April 20, 2009

God help me.......

i went bak to rawang for few told me abt how she got cheated by our own they trick us with the money that we should get but ends up in their hands.......i made a decision to work harder then ever for my parents to get them a gud life in the future........i hv already seen so many loses i don wan them to c anymore anymore loses.......i am gonna make sure that my parents is satisfied with their live b4 i start to think abt mine.......or maybe not to think abt my life at all.......oh God ter r so many precious thing hv been away from me, if ter is anymore for me to lose other than my family im ready to lose it but plz let my parents and my brother to hv a gud life in the future.........

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a wonderful reunion with cap members.....

tats a nice pose by irene

me with bro lee

cj getting violent for food

Cj cant wait for the food and liza the sponsor for today's meal in Dominos

took a pic with my god daddy

Cj and irene

me and the queen of cap(irene) in front of a whale statue

Monday, April 13, 2009

Simple but Amazing!!!

today i went for the farewell party made by my junior. it was simple and nothing grand but i can feel that the r tryin their best to make all the seniors enjoy the show and as for my perception of tis show, it was simple but it is really amazing and i really enjoy evry single activity they made for the seniors. i really would like to thank all the juniors who hv worked hard for the success of tis wonderful event. its a day to remember. thank you all!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Realize.....

wat can i say abt luv?
i never had any gud memories before with my love.
so do i hv the rights to talk abt luv?
i hv fall for 2 girls before,
the first girl a caring person, and hard working person.
loved her for 4 years and she left me bcoz her life is more important for her.
her name? her name is the same as the mother of the son of god.
the 2nd girl came into my life but she left as soon as she found a better man.
then now i realize that evry single thing tat the 1st girl did was bcoz she lovs me.
and i never realize it till now.
during school, she always walks to my block all the way from her block.
jus to c my face and to hear my voice.
but i never realize it till now.
she always focused on her studies which makes me think tat she don care abt me.
but now i know tat she did tat so tat she can be a suitable wife for me in the future.
now i realize tat the word 'her life' she meant was me.
i never realize it till now.
even if we broke up few times bcoz of my own error.
she still comes bak to me coz she luvs me tat much.
i never realize it till now.
she always complain my defects such as my quietness.
at tat time i thought tat she never really luv me coz i hv so many defects.
but now i know tat she did tat so tat i could change into a better man.
i never realize it till now.
till i die never will i forget her name, her face, her voice or her love.
coz she made me realize tat i can love

i am still waiting for u ann mary

laughin like a mad man

this was a sudden plan to go to Rawang my hometown with my housmates namely cj, mike, and praveen.we went to mike's house to pick up his electric guitar, later we went to my house to hv our lunch. cj would like to take some stuff from his house so we went to his house also. it all started wen we r heading bak to shah alam. on the way bak, cj and praveen started talkin some stuff among themselves and started laughin like mad men. and the best part is, they never stop laughing until we reach shah alam. oh my god i was so confused with their attitude to be laughin continuosly for 45 minutes!!!!!